Trips And Slips Injury

Suffered Injury From A Slip, Trip Or Fall?

At ACHL we have the experience to guide you through what can be a complex claims procedure to ensure you receive the accident compensation you deserve in relation to your personal injury claim. Our Personal Injury staff will advise you on what medical evidence or assessments will be required before a Personal Injury compensation case can be pursued.

Can I Claim?

You may be entitled to Compensation if your Slip, Trip, or Fall was the result of another person or organisation failing to take proper care.

Slips Trips And Falls

Slips, Trips, and Falls can happen just about anywhere. Inside a local shop, supermarket, office, car park, walkways, or roads and pavements. Common causes of Slips, Trips and Falls are damaged flooring or carpeting ; obstacles or cables left on the floor ; missing drain covers ; wet or slippery surfaces ; untreated ice or snow on access routes.

Property Owners Responsibility

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